Happy Merry Easter!!

Just thought that I would write that since I was wished “Merry Easter” this morning.

Hope that your Easter was spent with family and/or friends and you didn’t stuff yourself too much on good cooking.
Sweet hubby made lamb with pan roasted potatoes, corn, and rolls; what a tasty meal that was too!!

Off I go to hunt down whatever chocolate eggs or jelly beans I can find.  I leave you with one of my favorite Easter cartoons.

Life is a Box of Chocolates……………..

Marzipan Almond
You scored 74% Dark, 59% Crunch, and 56% Chewy!

You are a marzipan almond: Marzipan center topped with a roasted almond in a dark chocolate shell.

Like the song, you’re a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. You’re not afraid to get down and dirty. You’re a wild child with your eyes facing fun. You have your moments of creativity, inspiration, and sweetness without going overboard. Congrats, you are a fine piece of chocolate indeed!