elf on the shelf

The last few years this little elf doll that is now known as “Elf on a Shelf” has been in just about every store and someone is making BIG bucks for the book they created and put with this horrible creation.

To me, it is a thing that nightmares are made of; from Thanksgiving till Christmas this little elf moved from room to room and even when he couldn’t be seen, the jingle bell on his cap would ring to let you know that he was nearby. Mommy Dearest had decided that the best way to get her somewhat willful child to behave, at least between Thanksgiving and Christmas, was to have this elf doll move into our house.  Our elf had a jingle bell on his cap and so was named Jingle; he reported all bad behavior directly to Santa.  I feared him the first year and hated him till he disappeared sometime around 4th grade.

I remember the first year that he appeared, I was in kindergarten and couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving because that meant going to Grammy’s and seeing all my cousins and playing in the snow, snow forts, snow ball fights, sledding, hot chocolate and sleeping in a sleeping bag.  We came home on Saturday and that was when Jingle appeared.

I woke up on Sunday and he was sitting next to my cereal bowl.   I thought that he was a cute little doll and started to play with him instead of eating my breakfast.  Of course that got me a little verbal correction and then Mommy Dearest launched into the tale of “Jingle”, who was Santa’s helper, and suddenly my little shadow.

Even when I couldn’t see Jingle, if I did something wrong I would hear his little bell and was swiftly told that he was reporting my bad behavior to Santa and with any luck I would at least get a candy cane in my stocking instead of a lump of coal.

My older siblings took advantage of the fact that they were tall enough to reach the place where Mommy Dearest had hidden his bell and if I didn’t obey one of their commands or wouldn’t do exactly as they said I would hear Jingle’s bell and I just knew that he was reporting me directly to Santa.

The appearance of the little elf had me frequently looking over my shoulder and constantly trying to be good; which for a little kid isn’t always the easiest thing to do.   Christmas time means Christmas cookies; cut-out iced ones, Russian tea cakes, date bars and gingerbread men.  My sweet tooth is well known in my family so it was a constant internal battle with myself to stay out of the cookie tins.  I would constantly get in trouble for sneaking cookies, especially when I thought that no one was looking.   One night, or should I say early morning, I popped out of the bed that I shared with my oldest sister when she came home from college and quietly snuck into the kitchen to get a cookie or two to munch. I no sooner had the lid off the cookie tin and had taken a hearty bite of a very delicious iced snowman with sprinkles than I heard that bell.  I froze!  Didn’t that elf ever sleep???  I quickly brushed the crumbs off of my face and hands and headed back to bed.  Busted by Jingle!!

The next morning Jingle was once again sitting by my cereal bowl.  I stared at him and wondered how something that looked like a doll could actually talk to Santa.  When I was done I took my bowl to the sink and when I came back Jingle was off the table and sitting at my father’s desk.  I was a firm believer that he was really able to move about on his own and had no doubt that the little rat fink could actually report to Santa.

Fast forward many years later when Mommy Dearest decided that Jingle was no longer working to make me behave for a few weeks of the year and he was gone, never to be seen again.  Jingle never visited my children and when “Elf on a Shelf” started appearing in stores as a “cute” thing at Christmas, I could hardly believe that someone would want to make a profit on something that was a terror to small children.

This is my favorite picture of what to do with an elf on the shelf.  (I really hate those things!!)

Much later they made a movie about a horrible doll named Chucky who could walk around and was known for killing people with his knife.  Part of me thought that he was really Jingle’s evil big brother and I never could watch the movies.

Another day………….

Well, I am thinking that I could probably write every day and talk about nothing except Zo.
She has many little quirks and habits that make her an interesting pet.
A few days ago she would wait patiently till the alarm clock would ring and after I slapped the snooze button would proceed to bounce around on my pillow, which is one of those husk ones that were popular a decade ago, making it rustle till I finally would give up the idea of any further sleep and get out of bed to go feed her.
Today she added a new trick to her get me out of bed repertoire. And did it way before the alarm clock was even set to ring.  This one involves her going under the covers and going down to my rear where she then proceeds to pummel me with her paws and nip at me till I move.  After throwing her out of bed numerous times, I gave up and came downstairs to give her breakfast. (her ultimate goal)
Now as I type this she is waiting to pounce up on my lap where she then will try to help me type.  I think that I just may be her favorite human in the house.

And since I am up I am pondering which of the many tasks that need to get done will I try to tackle.  Should I suit up and go remove the rest of the snow from the driveway??  Though we didn’t get as much as we were hit with on Wed. (7 inches) the 4 or 5 that we did get were covered by that nice freezing rain – that does not make it easy for snowblowing.  Maybe I should just stay in the house and do those Chrstmas cards that I have put off doing for the last couple of weeks.  Or how about those cookies that sweet hubby says we should be baking?? 
I know that putting up the tree has been temporarily scheduled by the girls for this afternoon.  Yes, I was waiting till our church picked up the organ that we were donating to them as it sits where we usually put the tree; but we can’t afford to wait any longer and hope to get it all done by Christmas.  (Which is only 5 days away and no, we are not done shopping yet)

Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions…………… guess I will go see if sweet hubby has woken up enough to help make some.


I know, I know, I haven’t written in like forever or something.
Been sick, hubby was sick/still sickish, lots of stuff going on…. yadah, yadah, yadah………

Found this while out surfing around today and since Christmas is only a whole, whopping month away I thought that it was time to at least post something about the coming season.  Yes, I missed posting on hubby’s birthday (11/22) but we were enjoying it as a family and he did have a happy one!!  Thanks to all who sent him cards; he enjoyed being remembered.

Anyway, back to the subject on hand.  Watch the video and if it doesn’t inspire you than you must have a stone cold heart.

We participated in delivering food to people on Sunday.  One of our many doctors heads up a food drive and planned to give to 400 families in our area that were in need.  Last week we hadn’t yet met the food goal for 350 so I don’t know on Sunday how many there were to deliver to, I only know that we showed up to do our part.

The last time I passed out food to the truly homeless was back when my oldest (who is 22+) was a baby of 3 & 1/2+.  We had gone down to Atlanta to visit family for the holidays and I was assigned the task of taking my nephew to join his church youth group to pass out food to the homeless and poor.  I was amazed when there that just a block or two away from the beautiful downtown area were some of the poorest areas of that city.  We passed out gloves and sandwiches to the homeless under the freeway overpasses.  We passed out groceries and gloves to the ones that answered their doors.

Then I went home very humbled by those people who were surviving on so little when we had been blessed with so much.

Just dropping by to say Hello

Hi Gentle Readers

Never knew that life would be so busy once we moved back here.

Trying to do so many things leaves me exhausted, yet weirdly unable to sleep most nights.

My father has been in and out of the hospital again. He has good days and bad days. We drive up to see him a couple times a week and this last time went with him to his “see the doctor 5 days after you have been discharged” visit. He argued that we weren’t driving to the right place; so we read him the directions that the office had given us. He still argued. We got there and waited almost 2 whole hours before we could see the doctor. What fun that was.
The poor guy is really losing his hearing – even with hearing aids in both ears he has a hard time. He, of course, decides to discuss personal stuff/sensitive stuff in the waiting room. (Picture old man with booming voice and daughter – trying to hide in chair – while rest of waiting room is hanging on his every word) Oh, getting in to see the doctor couldn’t come soon enough.

Still working on getting the front room painted. Have been working on filling in areas with some sort of caulk that one can paint over. Have 1.5 more walls to do, then more base coat/primer stuff, and finally the painting part. Then on full press to the boxes. At this rate we might get done by Christmas. Of course, the oldest has given us the week before Thanksgiving as the deadline to be done as that is when she will be home again. hehehe I feel oh so ‘threatened’……..

Bought some bulbs to plant outside – really – when did we think that we would get the time??? If it doesn’t rain this weekend, perhaps it will get done then!! Keep your fingers crossed.

Well, time to head up the stairs to see if I can at least have a nodding acquaintance with Mr. Sandman. Good night all.