First day of spring

and what did I do?   Well, the wife of my father’s best friend died last week and her funeral was today.  So we got up at the crack of dawn and made the 2+ hr journey to be there for her funeral.   We were almost to I96, which would get us there in under 2 hrs so we would have time to pay our respects to the family, when we saw the electronic sign announcing that the road ahead was closed due to an accident.  So I got off on the next exit and went south to pick up I94, which would take us a slightly different way and be slightly over 2 hrs.

The weather was cold, it was starting to do that snow flurry stuff and if I couldn’t “hot foot” it down the road we would be late.  And of course we hit 3 almost total white-outs on the way, as well as those folks who won’t drive the speed limit and won’t keep out of the passing lane either; needless to say, we were walking into the funeral home just as the organ started playing the music for the start of the service.

Afterwards we briefly met with the family and then headed out to the cemetery.  It was cold and it was snowing but I didn’t mind it one bit.  Snug in my long johns, thinsulate hiking boots, extra heavy coat, ear muffs and my hands jammed in my pockets on top of my gloves and mittens; I was as warm as hot toast.  Of course the hiking boots did look a little crazy with my dress pants, but hey, at least I was warm!! The pastor said a few more words, we prayed the Lord’s prayer, he said the 21st Psalm and then that was that.  I took the rose that was offered and went back to the vehicle where sweet hubby sat because he doesn’t walk so well on uneven ground covered in snow.  I just couldn’t stay and watch them lower the casket; I can’t handle that just yet.

Back at their church we were fed lunch; now usually I don’t complain to often about food given freely at church meals, but this had to be the most bizarre luncheon I have ever attended.   We had Swedish meatballs in a white gravy on noodles, cool baked beans, some pasta dish (I skipped that one), tossed salad – no dressings, assorted jello salads, cheese slices, rolled ham or beef slices, rolls and dessert.   Our own church does a meal after a funeral, it is basic – meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, tossed salad and dessert.  The dishes today mostly didn’t go together – it was almost like a pot luck kind of thing, except their ladies’ group organized it.

After we ate, we did a little visiting with the people that we knew and then started the long drive home.  We had to get gas because “hot footing” it there meant the vehicle ate more fuel than it should’ve.  Then we started back the way that we came because we were going to stop in at the little one’s fiance’s apartment and drop something off for them. Had to leave the freeway twice on the way home and run parallel to it.  Once was for a one vehicle and a jack-knifed semi-truck accident, the other was for an accident where one vehicle had hit the base of the overpass/bridge.  I swear whenever the weather is the least little bit off, people drive like idiots!!  I saw more people swerving, slamming on their brakes when no one was in front of them – then I would get up next to them and they would be talking on their cell phone or texting, one guy was just stuffing his face with food.

Now we are home and should be up in bed; but sweet hubby is sleeping beside me on the couch and I had to let you know all about my day.

Being at a cemetery on the first day of spring and standing there in a snow storm, well, that is actually pretty sad.

Hope you had a better first day of spring in your neck of the woods!!

Been a Busy Week So Far

Here we are heading into Thursday and I feel like most of this week has been a blur.

Tuesday sweet hubby had his one cataract removed and a new lens put in.  Spent most of his day in bed because he was wore out from the procedure, and I had to be near-by “in case” so getting much done was not a happening thing.

The whole pre-surgery thing was a bit of a nightmare.  We were given a prescription for drops for his eye and of course it was in a drug group that he is allergic to – someone didn’t check that at the office.  The pharmacist spent most of the day on Friday looking for a pharmacy that carried the one that he isn’t allergic to and couldn’t find one so the pharmacist called the doctor’s office and they said to come on over that they had a sample.  Got up on Saturday to begin the drops and found out that 1) the brand new bottle was empty 2) it was expired!!  Called back to our pharmacy (doctor was closed on Saturday) and once again they called around to see if they could find the correct one.  Eureka!! Walgreen’s had just happened to get a shipment in and had it.  Off we hurried to pick it up.  Then found out that it should be refrigerated – the sample we had received had NOT been refrigerated.

After the surgery sweet hubby was given 2 pills to take – one at night time and one this morning.  I took the pills out to give him the night one only to find that there were 2 different pills in the bottle.  I couldn’t call the doctor’s office because they were closed, so I called the hospital number that they gave me.
They didn’t have a pharmacist there that late so instructed me to call Walgreen’s to have it checked by their pharmacist.  So here it is midnight and I am driving across town – alone – to go to Walgreen’s to have the pills checked.  The pharmacist checked them out using his computer and found that they were both generics of the same medicine from 2 different companies. Whew!!  But better to be safe than sorry – I always say!!

Today was a recheck on the eye surgery to see if it was healing properly and also booking the next one.  Next Tuesday will see us heading to the surgery center to get that taken care of.

Took the youngest one to the chiropractor as we both had appointments.  Also trying to find a weird size envelope so that I can finish her sister’s graduation announcements and get them sent out.  I sort of screwed up addressing the inside one so was looking for some replacements.

Canceled the last doctor appointment for today as I just didn’t want to go there and since it was for sweet hubby and he didn’t want to go – why bother?
Tomorrow is spending most of the day with my father as he has a doctor appointment in the afternoon and we will have errands to do in the morning with him.I have 8 more loads of wash to do plus I will be bringing his laundry home so that will give me about 2 more.  Sometimes wash day becomes more like a wash week.

Another day that nothing will really get done at home.  (Sigh)

Managed to unpack one more box out of the mound in the kitchen – go me!!

Personally I need to have a day (or two) (oh, let’s NOT get greedy) where I can just be at home so that I can get some of these chores taken care of.  I also need to call a pulmunologist (lung doc) so that I can get rid of this cough (nagging annoying hack) and also be able to really breathe.

Well, that about sums it up for now.  Keep sane and keep smiling – now to throw the wash into the dryer…….

Who asked for SNOW for Easter??

Here we are in sunny southern Michigan – uh wait that was a couple of days ago.  Now we are buried almost up to our knees in the white shtuff again!!
Who requested this for Easter??

There is so much snow out there that after I went out to the store to pick up something for the youngest (she still is not feeling well) I couldn’t even follow my tracks back into the driveway.  I was only gone for 15 minutes.  They say that the snow was falling at an inch an hour and now of course it is drifting and threatening to make it next to impossible to get my back door open in the morning.

We even had to make a trip out to a shoe store as the youngest was planning on wearing flip-flops for Easter and now that we have snow she needed shoes. (They grow up before they learn everything) So off the two of us went to a store about 20 miles away and usually about a 20 minute run – not tonight; it took us over an hour and a half to get there, pick up the shoes that were being held for her, and drive back.  All I can say is thank God for 4 wheel drive because a few times we had to hit the shoulder because someone in front of us was more concerned about who they were coming up on than who was coming up next to them.  At one point the cars were driving 4 across on a 3 lane highway – it was madness.

I will be soooooo glad when the snow season is over!!!
All I want to know right now is – WHO ASKED FOR SNOW FOR EASTER?????

This is just plain no fun

I am sick.  Not just sick with the bronchitis because that is almost totally gone; but sick as in ate some really bad food.
I was trying to eat a bit healthier. Went into a name brand restaurant for lunch on Tuesday and ordered their lunch combo of a “fresh garden salad” and a “loaded baked potato”.
Ok, so maybe the loaded baked potato wasn’t the healthiest of choices, but they taste good and I was being good with the salad instead of ordering a big ole burger or that plate of chicken alfredo with penne pasta that I was thinking about.

By nightfall I was starting to really feel ill, by morning I was ill and it was the salad to blame.

Here comes the Thank God moment because if I wasn’t already sick and taking antibiotics for the bronchitis this food poisoning would have landed me smack dab in the hospital.  It has been brutal to be sure but according to our friendly physician I will survive and should be back on my feet and eating solid food by Sunday – which is good since St. Paddy’s day is on Monday.

I am taking a stronger antibiotic, pain pills with codeine (since “all those addicts are constipated”) and of course chomping on Pepto Bismal pills whenever needed.  Yup, doc was on a roll today.  I also am sucking down jello and Vernor’s ginger ale (is there any other kind?); all while the rest of them eat a nice grilled chicken with real mashed potatoes dinner downstairs that is wafting up here to the bed and slowly driving me crazy.

Oh hark, I hear the sound of jello being delivered as someone is coming.  Quick, hide, duck under the covers and moan loudly – and pray that they don’t notice the laptop is running………….

Just Have to Say This

Just have to say this – will you people please learn how to drive!!!!

Trying to figure out why I-275 wasn’t moving very fast on the journey home tonight and also because being sicker than the proverbial dog I wasn’t relishing the thought of being stuck in traffic, I just have to say LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!!

To the idiots who think that it is permissible to drive 65mph on a 70mph road in the extreme passing lane (the farthest one on the left) – SPEED UP, or MOVE OVER because you were royally holding up traffic and your sorry behind shouldn’t have been hanging out in that lane.

To the idiot that thought that leaving a 6 car gap between them and the next vehicle while doing 55mph on a70mph road was safe driving – YOU ARE WRONG, YOU ARE A HAZARD.  Besides the frustrated ones that are trying to pass your sorry behind you are endangering all our lives.  So, STEP IT UP, SPEED IT UP or MOVE TO THE FAR RIGHT LANE.

To those idiots that are just too darn scared to be driving on an expressway, you might seriously think about working from home or riding in with one of your co-workers because YOU ARE A HAZARD and a DANGER to the rest of us.

Ok, think I have that off of my chest for now.