Holy Crap!!

I can’t believe that it has been almost a year since I have written a blog!  Wow!!  No good excuse for it either.  I headed over here to re-read some of the past ones and had my eyes pop open because I saw that the last time I wrote was last July.

Holy Chit Batman!!!  What a way to lose readers!! (Wait, have I ever written anything worthy of being read?)

Today I spent some money buying vitamins & supplements that the doctor said our blood work revealed that we were too low in and dang does it cost money to try to get naturally healthy.  We were also told that we should be eating more RAW fruits and veggies.  I can handle quite a few of either in their natural state; just unless it is a certain time of the year they are not the cheapest things to buy.

A week or so ago we were up to Hooterville to spend some time with Momma & Jay.  Jay had to go to a doctor appointment so we spent time at their new farmer’s market.  I picked up some asparagus for both families as it was an incredible low price, especially fresh picked.  I had read somewhere that it is best to store asparagus standing up in water – shallow water just slightly over the cut ends.  So when we came home I got out two little custard bowls put the asparagus in them with the recommended amount of water and put them in the fridge; did the same at Momma’s house except I didn’t put their’s in the fridge.  I have one bunch left in my fridge and it still looks the same as it did the day that I put it in there.  Going to have to either grill it or steam it soon so it doesn’t go to waste.

Didn’t think that I had much to say, but I guess I did!!!

LOL – have a good day now!!

Up in “Hooterville”

Today marks the 2nd day that we have been up with Momma and Jay.  Momma had shoulder surgery and needs a helping hand for a few weeks, so we packed our bags and drove up here.

Life is soooooooo much quieter here than it is at our house.  Even though we live in the same type of semi-rural community that they do, our neighbors are a bit closer and a ton noiser than theirs.  While I have seen their neighbors’ vehicles, I haven’t actually seen the neighbors.  The distance between them is such that I am comfortable enough to take the dog out for her early morning walks in my pjs; something that I would never do at home!

I am looking forward to venturing into Millington, which is nearby, not because I haven’t been there before but because I recently found out that they have a place that has amazing cinnamon rolls.  I found this out because I have a friend who must travel to places for her job and one of those just happened to be Millington and she wanted recommendations for restaurants.  So, being me I Googled Millington and found a recommendation for a down-home diner style restaurant that also has “excellent cinnamon rolls”.  I told my friend about the place and that maybe she should try it and let me know about the cinnamon rolls.  She did and told me how amaziing that they were and how many she also took home.  My mission this time is to get there and try one of those cinnamon rolls.

Well, it is heading toward 10am and I should probably take a quick shower while Momma is busy reading her paper.