Half way

It is half the way through October and hard to believe.

So much has been going on lately that there has only been 2 days of the last 14 that the vehicle has remained in the driveway all day long and we have only been outside to grab the mail and newspaper.

The last few days we have both been bothered by some sort of sinus infection thingy – though sweet hubby has had a horrible sore throat and slept a complete day.  The doctor gave him a test for mono though we haven’t heard if it is a nay or yeah on it.  I cancelled appointments today so that I could sleep as late as I could.  That and a few doses of antibiotics have made me feel a bit better.  At least I am not going between chills and sweats, as I did yesterday.

Yesterday I spent the day huddled up in my blue shrug and an afghan.  I was so cold.  Then when I went to bed I would go from freezing to blazing and sweating.  Sweet hubby said I was running a pretty good temp.  Thank God that was gone today as it was as beautiful outside as only an Indian summer day can be.

Yesterday they moved Mimi into a permanent room in the nursing home.  You can tell she is depressed about it.  She had told me that she will miss going to her church and also seeing her house again.  We went and helped them pick furniture and pictures out of it to put in the nursing home.  Her granddaughter asked that I come over to help, as I seem to know what she cares about and likes.   (That is like duh…. if you would’ve just spent some time with her once or twice a month instead of once every three or four months you would’ve known too)  I was happy to help.  It was just so, so, so sad for me.  I will miss visiting her house too.

Tomorrow is haircut day for both of us.  Looking forward to having these locks under control and out of my eyes.  Looking forward to sweet hubby not having hair that almost looks like a pompadour.  Now, if we could only shave the cat so she would stop shedding every where!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day and I will try to visit more often on here.  Just a little hard to get back into the habit.