Time Flies………

It has been about a week since I have last visited with you; amazing how time and days can get away from you.

I finished reading all 619 pages of Host.  I really liked it and wonder how a movie about it would turn out.  Speaking of movies I went and saw “Bridesmaids” again and enjoyed it very much.  It will be one that will be added to the Amazon list so that hopefully it will be added to our video library.

Today the girls came for dinner; the little one brought her boyfriend with her.  We had grilled chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, cucumber salad and corn.  After a game of “Buy”, which came from the boyfriend’s family, we finished up with bowls of ice cream – vanilla with Hershey syrup for me, an “Eskimo pie” for the little one and vanilla plus orange sherbet for the guys as they said it tasted just like the orange creamsicles that we enjoyed as kids.  (The big one left after the card game as she has to be up early for work on Wednesday)

Still trying to figure out what is wrong with the tomato plant.  I guess I will have to call one of my farming buddies or the local extension office to find out what is wrong with it and how to treat it.  First time I have tried to raise a tomato plant in over a decade and it has to get sick just as the tomatoes are starting to form on it.  Color me disappointed!!

Tomorrow should be another busy day so I need to head up to bed to get my rest.  Hope you are keeping busy enough but not so much that you don’t have time to enjoy your summer.

I know…………

I know, I’ve been missing for a bit.  Sorry about that.
Sweet hubby got a blood clot in his leg so he has been basically confined to the house and when he isn’t sleeping, I am his entertainment.
On top of that, my father got ill again so we had to venture up to his place and take him to his doctor even though a certain someone was
supposed to still be staying in bed with his leg elevated.
And with my father being sick that means even more laundry with lots and lots of hot water and bleach.

The little one is flying to New York this week to spend 10 days with her friends and also seeing her sister.  I know of at least one trip planned for going into the city and seeing where her sister works and then spending the day in the fashion district.  Ah, to be young and have lots of free time on your hands.

We have a small strawberry plant in one of those strawberry pots that is doing so-so.  Every time we think that we are going to have a few berries to try some bird or squirrel comes along and steals them before they are fully ripe.  Hopefully I can post a picture of some of our plants on here soon.

Just thought that I’d catch ya up on what is going on over our way.