I know…………

I know, I’ve been missing for a bit.  Sorry about that.
Sweet hubby got a blood clot in his leg so he has been basically confined to the house and when he isn’t sleeping, I am his entertainment.
On top of that, my father got ill again so we had to venture up to his place and take him to his doctor even though a certain someone was
supposed to still be staying in bed with his leg elevated.
And with my father being sick that means even more laundry with lots and lots of hot water and bleach.

The little one is flying to New York this week to spend 10 days with her friends and also seeing her sister.  I know of at least one trip planned for going into the city and seeing where her sister works and then spending the day in the fashion district.  Ah, to be young and have lots of free time on your hands.

We have a small strawberry plant in one of those strawberry pots that is doing so-so.  Every time we think that we are going to have a few berries to try some bird or squirrel comes along and steals them before they are fully ripe.  Hopefully I can post a picture of some of our plants on here soon.

Just thought that I’d catch ya up on what is going on over our way.

This is just plain no fun

I am sick.  Not just sick with the bronchitis because that is almost totally gone; but sick as in ate some really bad food.
I was trying to eat a bit healthier. Went into a name brand restaurant for lunch on Tuesday and ordered their lunch combo of a “fresh garden salad” and a “loaded baked potato”.
Ok, so maybe the loaded baked potato wasn’t the healthiest of choices, but they taste good and I was being good with the salad instead of ordering a big ole burger or that plate of chicken alfredo with penne pasta that I was thinking about.

By nightfall I was starting to really feel ill, by morning I was ill and it was the salad to blame.

Here comes the Thank God moment because if I wasn’t already sick and taking antibiotics for the bronchitis this food poisoning would have landed me smack dab in the hospital.  It has been brutal to be sure but according to our friendly physician I will survive and should be back on my feet and eating solid food by Sunday – which is good since St. Paddy’s day is on Monday.

I am taking a stronger antibiotic, pain pills with codeine (since “all those addicts are constipated”) and of course chomping on Pepto Bismal pills whenever needed.  Yup, doc was on a roll today.  I also am sucking down jello and Vernor’s ginger ale (is there any other kind?); all while the rest of them eat a nice grilled chicken with real mashed potatoes dinner downstairs that is wafting up here to the bed and slowly driving me crazy.

Oh hark, I hear the sound of jello being delivered as someone is coming.  Quick, hide, duck under the covers and moan loudly – and pray that they don’t notice the laptop is running………….