It is just

too dang cold!!  I was so loving the warm weather that we have been having and now we have cold.  Of course, this is what one should expect in this neck of the woods at this time of year.  I am really thinking that it might be time to start thinking about moving somewhere that has a less frigid climate in winter.  I am thinking maybe the bottom of Kentucky or Tennessee; will have to explore many places before I definitely feel the urge to pack up and move.

Not much going on around here.  Yesterday marked the one month till Christmas – a thought that sort of fills me with dread.  Dread because I am the only one on: the cleanup committee, the decorating committee, meal planning committee and when the holiday is done, I am usually the only one on the un-decorating committee.

I am thinking that we need to insulate the floors in this house as no matter what room I am on the ground floor – with the exception of the kitchen – my feet are very cold.  Supposedly when the addition was put on the contractor put in very good insulation; well, I am thinking someone must’ve removed it as my feet area always cold and without a space heater just sitting here typing I am cold on most parts of my body.

I suppose I should quit sitting here and get up and start some of my holiday cleaning, so I can then go right into decorate mode.  I wanted the tree up right after Thanksgiving; that didn’t happen as too many other people decided to plan my time for me.  If I am working in here, perhaps I can warm up a bit.

Hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods!!

Indian Summer

Just when I get all set in my mind that fall is here; cool weather and good sleeping are around the corner along comes some Indian Summer days.  I LOVE Indian Summer days, I really do.  Nothing sweeter than a few days of over 70 degree weather and plenty of sunshine to improve my mood.  I am just looking forward to the kinds of meals that the cooler weather brings to our house; beef stew, chili, bean & ham soup, potato soup or a slow cooked pot roast done with onions, carrots and taters.  (If i wasn’t so stuffed from lunch I would positively be drooling on this keyboard!!)

I am glad that today turned out like it has as we had to be up early on which was a grey, wet morning to drive up to take my father to his bi-annual heart check-up.  This is never a pleasant task and a rainy day just makes it that much worse.  We got there and instead of our usual 30 to 45 minute past our appt time wait we were taken back within 15mins of arrival – write that one in the books!!  When we were done with the doctor portion he announced that it had been two years since they had checked the valve replacement and he would see if the gal could take us so that we didn’t have to make the long journey from our home again.  The Gods smiled and the lady had an opening so long as we didn’t mind waiting for another 30 minutes.  Honey if waiting 30 minutes means I don’t have to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and drive in construction traffic and then sit in that waiting room, sign me up!!   Pops was so happy about everything that he took us to Bob Evans for lunch which was good as I had a buy one, get one breakfast coupon; I can eat breakfast for lunch any day of the week!!

While we were eating lunch the sun started to peek out a bit and as we drove him back to the nursing home it played peek-a-boo in the clouds.  Now that I am finally back at my own home it is out in full force and should be for at least another  2.5 hours.  This warm weather is supposed to continue through to the weekend, and I am hoping that it stays till after Halloween as that is so much more fun for all the kids – not having to wear a coat under your costume on Halloween is such a treat!!

This weekend we are supposed to be on “stand-by” for our friends as they have to move back into her mom’s house.  Their apt has a mold issue and his hours got cut so they have to move.  For now it is better for them and the baby; not sure if it is better for her mom though……………..   He has a job interview on Wed so am praying that he gets it as it will be full time with benefits and at least a $2 raise!!

Sweet hubby has sacked out on the couch so I am thinking of having a bit of a nap myself – guess I didn’t sleep as well as I thought last night!!  Been so tired lately – and that is just not me!!

I will go nap now and enjoy the Indian summer sun tomorrow!!

Gettin’ that chill in the air

Yes, today I felt that chill in the air that usually hits about a few weeks before snow flies.  I don’t like to feel it as it gives me an ache in my bones and a deep desire to snuggle under something warm and not leave the house.   But today I left the house anyway and journeyed my way out to where it is even more country and the breeze had even more room to blow.

Today I went to visit my friend Lisa.  I was sharing my one stroke painting stuff with her.  She seems to want to do it and work on it together, which is great.  I like having some girl time.  She gave me bean soup for my lunch, which I ate while she fed her granddaughter, Mya, a little red headed pipsqueak who is really struggling to talk.  Poor child isn’t even 18 months old and you can just tell that she will be a little chatter box.

Tonight finds me a bit chilled and reaching for the shrug that Momma crocheted me for my birthday. It comes in handy when one is just sitting and working on the computer.  Or just sitting and reading or watching TV.

Well, that is about it for my thoughts at the moment.  Catch ya later.

Another day of…….

Feeling like crap!! 
Truth be told I was not feeling very well for my birthday weekend.  It started out with a bout of colitis on Friday, that lingered till Saturday. Breathing difficulties began on Friday when we went to Red Lobster and had to walk through the smoking area to get to the back non-smoking section, as the front non-smoking was totally full.

(I will be glad when Michigan follows suit with other large states that have banned smoking in restaurants.) 

On Saturday night we attended the first dinner of my dad’s car club and he decided to keep coughing, nope didn’t cover his mouth, and myself and my dinner were the recipients. 
Sunday capped it all off when we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings and once again the smoke from the lone smoker at the bar drifted over toward our table in non-smoking and all of us were complaining of the smoke and the lack of heat.

Did we enjoy ourselves while we out?  Yes we did!!

Am I healthy now and breathing easier??  Hell no!! 

Would I have loved to have been outside enjoying the weather right now? You bet’cha!!

Hope all of you are doing far better than my miserable self!!