I now KNOW who to vote for!!!

I have found my candidate via YouTube.
Don’t think that I am kidding.  I was just surfing around to see what I could find out that was new, fun or interesting to share and here is what I found.
The best candidate of who is left in the running.

Why has the majority of the media kept him under wraps??  He has been in debates, been on CNN, Larry King, Bill Maher, to name a few but I never heard about him watching the regular news or the last few debates.  I would’ve enjoyed listening to him more than listening to Obama and Hillary trade insults and McCain making me think that I am staring again at Bush.  He is really refreshing and very intelligent and also, understands how the government is SUPPOSED to work.  God Bless Him!!

This video is 8:44 minutes long and you need to really listen to it – it blows you away.  This is no junior senator or 4 more years of the same, this is someone that the people can get behind.

And if you would like to watch another one about his views on inflation and what is really happening with inflation, and our currency and how it effects our very lives than watch this video.

It makes sense and it is not what one typically hears from one in our government.  Watch them both – give them lots of thought – Thanks!

Check out http://www.ronpaul2008.com

Where was this when I was working??

One night when SEB and the Mrs. were over for a visit they spent quite some time showing us their characters on World of Warcraft and also took us out to YouTube to see some of the videos that people had made to popular songs from the characters.  I don’t exactly know how the videos were made and I won’t pretend to either – they are just really cool and some are really funny.

This particular video caught my attention and made me chuckle.  Anytime I play it you can for sure find me smiling and singing along with it.  My only wish is that I would’ve had access to it when I was working.  I think that I would’ve made sure to play it when certain co-workers were outside my cubical.

Here is a link to the web site of the person who wrote and sang this funny song:Jonathan Coulton